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Tumbler wraps for sublimation files are specialized digital designs created for use in sublimation printing on tumblers or cups. They are designed to fit specific tumbler sizes and shapes and are used in combination with tumbler sublimation wraps to ensure accurate and high-quality printing results.

Sublimation printing involves transferring a digital design or image onto a specially coated substrate using heat and pressure. Tumbler wraps for sublimation files are digital files that are created with the specific purpose of being used in the sublimation printing process. 20 oz skinny wraps come in PNG format WITH a background to ensure our color profiles are not altered.

Our 20 oz skinny tumbler wrap files are created on a 9.3 x 8.2 inch canvas. 

Our 16 oz tumbler wraps are created on a 9.75 x 4.8 inch canvas.


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